Job Description – Meaning, Definitions, Content, Advantages and Limitations

Job Description- Meaning, Definitions, Content, Advantages and Limitations



Job description is a written statement of what the job holder does, how it is done, under what conditions it is done and why it is done. it describes what the job is all about, throwing light on job content, environment and conditions of employment. It is descriptive in nature and defines the purpose and scope of a job. the main purpose of writing a job description is to differentiate the job from other jobs and state its outer limits.


According to Flippo  

A job description is an organized, factual statement of duties and responsibilities of a specific job. In brief, it should tell what is to be done, how it is done, and why. It is a standard of function, in that it defines the appropriate and authorized content of a job.

According to Clyde E. Witt

Job description is a document that specifies the tasks, duties and responsibilities of the job and should certainly be relevant and accurate.

According to Michael Armstrong

Job description is defined as a statement  that specifies the purpose of a job, also mentions where the job fits in the organization structure, the context within which the job holder functions, and the principal accountability of job holders, or the main tasks to be carried out by them.


Contents of Job Description

A job description normally contains the following information :

  1. Job Identification

Job title, code number of the job, department or division where the job is located. This part of job description helps to identify and designate the job. It also reveals the relationship of the job with other jobs.

  1. Job Summary

It describes the contents of a job in terms of the activities or tasks performed.

  1. Job Duties and Responsibilities

It is the heart of job description. It describes the duties performed alongwith frequency of each major duty. Responsibilities concerning custody of money, supervision and training of staff, etc. are also described in this part.

Job Description – Meaning, Definitions, Content, Advantages and Limitations

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