Teaching Aptitude MCQs/Teaching Aptitude Questions UGC NET Updated

16.Which among the following is an ODD statement

(a) knowledge is static

(b) One way interaction prevails in classrooms.

(c ) Majority of teachers use lecture method.

(d ) Most of the classroom are poorly equipped.

  Ans (a)

17. Use of telecast materials

(a) increases retention power.

(b) Enhances concentration and learning

(c ) reduces the burden of the teacher

(d ) none of these.

  Ans (b)

18. Four classification of students can be done on the basis of their learning. Which among the following seeks meaning and reasoning for learning?

(a ) Common sense learner

(b) Analytic learner

(c ) Innovative learner

(d ) Dynamic learner.

  Ans (b)

19. Majority of students in a large class are found dozing.There may be something wrong with

(a) the teaching process

(b) the time of instruction

(c ) the students concerned

(d ) the content taught.

 Ans (c)

20. As one of the methods of teaching the teachers are recommended to adapt the problem method.The precaution to be observed in this method is to see that

(a) the problem starts with some life experience of the pupil.

(b) problems are suggested by teachers at the end of the lesson.

(c ) the problem starts with a school subject itself.

(d ) the problem is of the teacher and not of the pupil.

Ans (c)

21.Knowledge of psychology is must for a educational philosopher,because

(a) psychology acquaints the philosopher with the world of reality in his theorizing.

(b) psychology principles arise out of philosophical maxims.

(c ) the questions of ‘why and ‘what’ in philosophy is purely psychological at the root.

(d ) psychology is after all a branch of philosophy.

  Ans (b)

22. Regarding the teacher’s control in the education of children,the following is the main difference between the Herbert and Dewey

(a) Dewey favours teacher control, but Herbert is against it.

(b) Herbert is in favour of teacher control while Dewey cannot agree with him.

(c) Herbert favour normal steps,but Dewey gives more importance to teacher control only.

(d) Both are in favour of imparting knowledge through teacher control.

Ans (b)

23. If a teacher had to establish his credibility in evaluating answer sheets he must be

(a) strict
(b) lenient
(c) objective
(d) prompt

  Ans. C)

24. Mainstreaming is a term associated with:
(a) career education
(b) education for handicapped
(c) inter-age class groupings
(d) environmental education

   Ans (b)

25.Suggestion helps in the development of information moral behavior, aesthetic sense and character traits. Which of the following is the chief source of suggestions which would his life?

(a) Pupil of same age
(b) Teachers
(c) Elders
(d) None of these

     Ans (c)

26.Of the following learning theories, the one that embodies the idea that the learning takes place through insight is known as

(a) Gestalt
(b) Stimulus-Response
(c) Connectionist
(d)  Pragmatic

  Ans (a)

27.The teacher ought to know the problems prevalent in the field of education. The reason is that

(a) only a teacher can do something about solving them.
(b) he can tell about the same to another teacher.
(c) Teachers can tell the government about it.
(d)  With this knowledge, the teacher can have information about education.

  Ans: (a)

28.With respect to the development of skills, all of the following are correct except that

(a) Pupil of same mental age should learn at the same rate.
(b) Group interaction increases the skills
(c)  group instruction facilitates the learning process
(d) workbooks can be invaluable learning aid.

Ans (a)

29.The project method of teaching is best associated with the philosophy of

(a) John Dewey
(b) Max rafferty
(c) Robert Hatchins
(d) B.F. Skinner

  Ans (a)

30.In our present society where values are deteriorating, the excellent education will be which

(a) enables one to earn in an easy manner.
(b) Exaggerates the competition in the society.
(c) Works for establishment of human and cultural value.
(d) Decelerates the social change in society.

  Ans (c)

Teaching Aptitude MCQs/Teaching Aptitude Questions UGC NET Updated

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