Teaching Aptitude MCQs/Teaching Aptitude Questions UGC NET Updated

31.Emotional development is as much affected by maturation and learning as sensory processes, muscular growth and intellectual functions. Parlous experiment showed emotional responses could be learned through

(a) conditioning
(b) imitation
(c) knowledge and skills.
(d) None of these

   Ans (a)

32.Which of the following statement is correct?

(a) In research, objectives can be worded in question form.
(b) In research, objectives can be worded in statement form.
(c) Objectives are to be stated in Chapter I of the Thesis
(d) All of the above

   Ans (d)

33.On which of the following statements there is consensus among educators?

(a) Disciplinary cases should be sent to the principal only when other means have failed.
(b) Disciplinary cases should never be sent to principal’s office.
(c) Disciplinary cases should be totally neglected in the class.
(d) None of these

  Ans (a)

34.A competent teacher must have a sound knowledge about:

(a) Practice, Concept, Theory and Research
(b) theory, Research, Practice and concepts
(c) Concept, Theory, Practice and Research
(d) Research, Practice, Concept and Theory

  Ans (c)

35.Maximum participation of students is possible in teaching through

(a)Lecture method
(b) Discussion method
(c) Textbook method
(d) Audi-visual aids

 Ans (b)

36. UGC was established in

(a) 1966
(b) 1953
(c) 1946
(d) 1986

Ans (b)

37.The quality of teaching is reflected:

(a) By the attendance of students in the class.
(b) By the pass percentage of students
(c) BY the quality of questions asked by students
(d) By the duration of silence maintained in the class

Ans (c )

38.Kindergarten (KG)system of education is indebted to

(a) Dewey
(b) Froebel
(c) Plato
(d) Spencer

Ans (b)

39. Micro teaching is most effective for the student-teacher :

(a) during the practice-teaching
(b) after the practice- teaching
(c) before the practice-teaching
(d) None of these

Ans (b)

40.Teaching model is a way to

(a) Teach in a formal as well as informal way.
(b) Select such stimulus so that, the students may give expected feedback.
(c) Talk and think about instruction, which may contain facts in organized and    classified manner.
(d) both (a) and ( b)

Ans (d)

41.The functions of a teacher are in the order of

(a) guiding the child, helping him towards progress and evaluation

(b) checking homework, guiding him and assigning further task

(c) Both of these

(d) None of the above

Ans (a)

42.Maximum participation of students is possible in teaching through

(a) lecture method

(b) discussion method

(c) audio-visual aids

(d) textbook method

Ans (b)

43. Teachers’ primary responsibility lies in

(a)planning educational experiences

(b)keeping students records

(c) implementing policies

(d) all of the above

Ans (a)

44. A teacher in the class is

(a) a director of the group

(b) the president of the group

(c) a leader and guide of the group

(d) all of the above

Ans (c)

45. As a teacher you are going to show historical places of a city to your students. Father of a student does not send his child with you. In this situation, you would

(a) leave this child and would go with others

(b) try to know why his father was hesitant to send his child.

(c)  convince his father by telling the impor¬tance of such educational and cultural trips

(d)  none of the above.

Ans (c)

Teaching Aptitude MCQs/Teaching Aptitude Questions UGC NET Updated

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