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Types of Training

Training is required for several purposes. Accordingly, training programmes may be of the following types:
1. Orientation Training
In orientation training, new hires get a first hand view of what the company stands for, how the work is carried out and how to get along with colleagues. In short, they learn the specific ways of doing things in proper manner. When a new employee is from different country and culture, this initial training is important in helping new employees adjust in the company.

2.Job Training
It refers to the training provided with a view to increase the knowledge and skills of an employee for improving performance on-the-Job. Employees may be taught the correct methods of handling equipment and machines used in a job. Such training helps to reduce accidents, waste and inefficiency in the performance of the job.

3.Safety Training
Training provided to minimize accidents and damage to machinery is known as safety training, It involves giving instructions in the use of safety devices and in safety consciousness.

4.Promotional Training
It Involves training of existing employees to enable them to perform higher level jobs .Employees with potential are selected and they are given training before their promotion, so that they do not find it difficult to shoulder the higher responsibilities of the new positions to which they are promoted.

5.Refresher Training

Rapid changes in technology may force companies to go in for this kind of training. When existing techniques become obsolete due to the development of better techniques, employees have to be trained in the use of new methods and techniques. By organizing short-term courses which incorporate the latest developments in a particular field, the company may keep its employees up-to-date and ready to take on emerging challenges. It is conducted at regular intervals by taking the help of outside consultants who specialize in a particular descriptive.

6.Remedial Training
Such training is arranged to overcome the shortcomings in the behavior and performance of old employees. Some of the experienced employees might have picked up appropriate methods and styles of working. Such employees are identified and correct work methods and procedures are taught to them. Remedial training should be conducted by psychological experts.

Training and Development – Human Resource Management – MBA/BBA

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