WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY 2022 – Theme & Significance

world oral health day 2022World Oral Health Day : World Oral Health Day is observed on March 20 every year. The FDI World Dental Federation launch a year-long campaign dedicated to raising awareness and issues around oral health and the importance of oral hygiene. Governments, health associations and citizens work together to achieve healthy mouths and happy lives. In 2013, the World Dental Federation launched World Oral Health Day on March 20

So, oral health is important as it helps us to maintain a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums. Poor oral health leads to oral diseases. It is also said that it leads to several other diseases, including heart disease, diabetes mellitus, stroke, respiratory problems, and premature births in pregnant women. On this day, share quotes and messages with your near and dear ones and encourage them to take care of their oral hygiene.


The campaign theme for World Oral Health Day from 2021 to 2023 is “Be Proud of Your Mouth”.



WOHD was declared on September 12, 2007, but the campaign came into action in 2013. The day holds significance to reflect the importance of oral hygiene and care. A baby must have 20 teeth and senior citizens must have 20 teeth at the end of their life. A healthy adult should have 32 healthy teeth.

Over years, Ancient Egyptian and Chinese texts revealed that cultures have been maintaining the importance of good oral hygiene. Earlier, people used fish bones, feathers or tree barks. Later, the Chinese started using bristles plucked from pigs to use them as toothbrushes. Salt was mixed with brandy and water to rinse the mouth clean. A sponge was used to rub the teeth and remove anything stuck between the teeth. As years passed, the importance and treatment of oral hygiene kept evolving.

WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY 2022 – Theme & Significance

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