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A message or other information in writing sent by one person or department to another in the same business organization.

Memo or memorandum is primarily a written message exchanged by employees in conduct of their work.Thus memorandum is a letter which goes within a organization.

Memo is a short form of Memorandum.The term is derived from a Latin word “Memorale” which means “to tell”.

Components of Memo

The format of  a standard memo consists of a heading,subject line and body.Memos typed on plain paper or on letterhead should always have a title like Memo or Interoffice Correspondence (all in capital) centred at the top of the page or aligned with the left margin.

1. Headings

What  you write after the To,From,and Date, will vary with the situation and your organisation’s practices,nut all are present. A courtesy title such as Mr.,Mrs,Miss before your reader’s name may be used depending on you relationship with the reader and the degree of formality within your organization.You omit the title before you name.

2. Subject Line

The subject line of a memo helps busy colleagues find out quickly what the memo is about.Although the subject “line” may overflow onto a second line,it is most helpful when it is short but still informative.

3. Body

The body of the memo starts on the second or third line below the heading. Lke the body of a letter,it is usually single space.Paragraphs are separated by bank lines but may or may not be indented.Lists,important passages,and subheadings may all be handled as they are in letters.If memo is very short,It may be double spaced.

Conditions for Good Memorandum

  • Identify readers and write at that level.
  • Appearance: Less expensive stationary and less expensive means of reproducing can generally be used for memos.
  • Goodwill tone: It is especially important to check for satisfactory tone in communications to people with whom we work.
  • Message: Make it clear,complete and especially concise.
  • Vigilance: Check for grammar,spelling and punctuation.

Advantages of Memorandum

The chief advantages of the memorandum are as fellows:

1. The memo invites brevity.

It is a straight forward communication that almost invariably includes the necessary information and nothing more.

2. The memorandum is convenient

The chief notations at the top of the memo give ready reference to its subject matter and the major area is left free for the message.Although usually typed,these messages can be written in pen or pencil.

3. The memorandum is inexpensive

Because the memorandum is generally circulated within an organization,computer memos on a scree or printed memos can be brought out immediately.

4. The memorandum can be used as a record of information to be filed for the future reference

As noted,most memos can be destroyed  immediately.AT times,however memo records of day to day transactions in person or by telephone can be very helpful.

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