M.COM/B.COM Study Material

M.Com/B.Com Study Material

M.COM/B.COM Study Material

In this Page we provide free study material to the students pursuing B.Com and M.Com. This study material is compiled  from various reference books and other sources.  You can visit the below mentioned blue links for study material on various B.Com and M.Com subjects.

Public Finance
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Commerce as a subject is defined as a study of trade and business activities, dealing with accounting and financial activities. The major subjects taught in Commerce stream are Accountancy, Economics, and Business Studies. Commerce has emerged as one of the most sought after fields of study in India in recent times. Students can choose to pursue any one of the commerce courses that are being offered all over India at various levels i.e. undergraduate, postgraduate, or even doctorate levels.

The most popular commerce course is the Bachelors of Commerce or B.Com. Along with B.CoM course, candidates can also opt for B.Com (Hns). B.Com (Hons) course helps students choose a specialisation along with the B.Com course which can give these students a career edge over the others.

M.Com or Masters of Commerce is a two-year post-graduate level course ideal for candidates who wish to make a career in banking financial services and insurance (BFSI) as well as accounting and commerce sectors. The two-year course delves deeper into the functioning of the economy, capital, revenue, trade, taxes, etc. taught in B.Com. MCom is a very versatile course and gives the students to choose their careers in various fields.

The main factor of the Commerce stream is the diversity that it offers. If students are excellent at dealing with big numbers, data, have a basic knowledge of economics and finance, then choosing commerce as a subject will be the smart choice.

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