Managerial Economics

Monopolistic Competition

Monopolistic Competition  The degree of competition in a monopolistic market is less than that in a market with perfect competition but more than that in an oligopoly and ofcourse a monopoly. The characteristics of a market with monopolistic competition are as follows: a) There are a large number of buyers b) There are a large […]

Perfect Competition- Meaning, Definitions and Features

Perfect Competition – Meaning, Definitions and Characteristics   Topics Covered i. Perfect competition Meaning ii. Definition of Perfect Competition iii. Features of Perfect Competition/Characteristics of Perfect Competition   About Perfect Competition Under perfect competition a large number of firms compete against each other. Therefore, the degree of competition number perfect competition is close to one. […]

Economies of Scale

Economies of scale Economies of scale mean the cost advantage of large scale production. They occur mostly in the long run when increasingly larger plants yield lower cost of production. Economies of scale arise when a business firm expands its scale of production, the unit cost of production decreases. If the unit cost increases while […]

Types of Demand

   Types of Demand There are large number of goods and services available in every economy. Their classification is important in order to carry out a demand analysis for managerial decisions.  Following categories have made on the basis of the nature of commodity demanded (consumer goods and capital goods), time unit for which it is demanded […]

Determinants of Demand

Determinants of Demand   There are various factors on which the market demand and individual demand for a product depends. These factors are known as determinants of demand. The knowledge of the determinants of market demand for a product and the nature of relationship between the demand and its determinants proves very helpful in analyzing […]

Scope of Managerial Economics

Scope of Managerial Economics In general, the Scope of Managerial Economics comprehends all those economic concepts, theories and tools of analysis which can be used to analyse the business environment and to find solutions to practical business problems. In other words managerial economics is economics applied to the analysis of business problems and decision making. Broadly […]

Importance of Managerial Economics

Importance of Managerial Economics   Business and industrial enterprise aims at earning maximum proceeds. A good decision requires fair knowledge of the aspects of economic theory and tools of economic analysis, which are directly involved in the process of decision making. Since managerial economics is concerned with such aspects and tools of analysis, it is […]

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