NEP 2020 India – Frequently Asked Questions (Quiz) with Answers

NEP 2020 India Frequently Asked Questions (Quiz) with Answers

Teacher Education and Teacher Training

• By 2030, the minimum degree qualification for teaching will be a 4 year integrated B.Ed degree.

• Each Higher Education Institution offering the 4 year integrated B.Ed may also design a 2 year B.Ed. on its campus for outstanding students who have received a Bachelor’s degree in a specialized subject and wish to pursue teaching.

• A new and comprehensive National Curriculum Framework for teacher education, NEFTE 2021 will be formulated by NCTE in consultation with NCERT. Techer education will also be given importance so that teacher can develop their skills on continuous basis.

Other Changes

• Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) will be renamed as Ministry of Education.

• An autonomous body, the National Educational Technology Forum (NETF), will be created to provide a platform for the free exchange of ideas on the use of technology to enhance learning, assessment, planning, administration.

• National Assessment Centre- ‘PARAKH’ has been created to assess the students. It is an online testing partner that helps in conducting tests timely and accurately. Teachers can use this app to create multiple tests to scrutinize the performance of students. Doing this, they will also earn money.

• National Research Foundation (NRF) will be established as an apex body for fostering a strong research culture. As per the proposed plan, the NRF will have four major divisions — sciences, technology, social sciences and arts and humanities.

So these were the major highlights of New Education Policy. On paper this policy seems to be very promising but the most important question here is on its implementation. Executing this policy will be a big challenge as India is a vast and diverse country. Multiple initiatives will be required in its implementation and that is only possible if multiple bodies in our country like Union and State Governments, Education related Ministries, State departments of Education and other institutions work in synchronized and systematic manner. If implemented in its true version the new structure would bring India at par with the leading countries of the world. It is expected that most of the aspects of this policy would be effectively implemented by 2030. By 2030, it is expected that the past decade would have provided ample opportunities for evaluation, fine tuning as well as major changes, if called for, to be effected. And it is believed that in the decade 2030-2040 the entire policy will be in an operational mode.

*NEP 2020 India – Frequently Asked Questions (Quiz) with Answers

NEP 2020 India – Frequently Asked Questions (Quiz) with Answers

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