Higher Education System MCQs (UGC NET paper 1 FREE Updated Notes 2020)

181. The subject on which   the State  Government enjoys   exclusive   powers  are given  in
(a)   Concurrent     List
(b)    State  List
(c)   Union   List
(d)   Residuary    List
Ans. b
182. To which one   of  the  following    categories does the Right  to Property    belong?
(a) Legal  Right
(b)  Fundamental      Right
(c)    Human    Right
(d)   Natural    Right
Ans. a
183. Decisions on question    about    disqualification  of members    of the  Lok Sabha  are  taken
by the
(a)   President
(b)    Prime  Minister
(c)   Minister   for Parliamentary      Affairs
(d)   Secretary   to  Parliament
Ans. a
184. The members of Rajya Sabha  are elected   for a term  of
(a)   Three  years
(b)    Five years
(c)   Six years
(d)   Seven  years
Ans. c
185. Which one of the  following    is not  an essential  qualification     for  contesting     election   to Lok  Sabha?
(a)   Citizenship     of India
(b)    Age  of 25 years
(c) Soundness of mind
(d)   Graduation
Ans. d
186. Which one of the following   Lok Sabhas  was dissolved   before    the  expiry  of  Its  normal term?
(a)   First  Lok  Sabha
(b)   Fourth   Lok  Sabha
(c)  Sixth Lok  Sabha
(d)   None  of the above
Ans. c
187. The Government   in India   is known   as Parliamentary  because
(a)   Parliament     is elected   by  the people
(b)    Parliament     consists   of two  houses
(c)   Parliament     is a sovereign    body
(d)   The executive   is accountable    to the Legislature
Ans. d
188. The Rajya Sabha
(a)   is a permanent     house
(b) has  a maximum  life of 6 years
(c)   has  a maximum    life of 5 years
(d)   has  no  fixed
Ans. a
189. How many seats Union   Territories    in Lok  Sabha?
(a)   20
(b) 25
(c)   30
(d)   50
Ans. a
190. Which one of the following statements    holds, good   in respect   of the  Rajya  Sabha?
(a)   One  third  of its member retire  after  every  three  years
(b)    Two. thirds    of its  members    retire   after every  three  years
(c)   two    thirds   of  its  members    retire   after every  two  years
(d)   One  third  of its members   retire  after  every  two  years
Ans. d

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