Higher Education System MCQs (UGC NET paper 1 FREE Updated Notes 2020)

191. Who amongst the  following    acts  as the presiding   officer  of the House   without   being  its members?
(a)  Vice-President     of India
(b) Speaker   of the Lok  Sabha
(c)  Chairman  of the  Legislative    Council
(d)  Speaker   of the Legislative Assembly
Ans. a
192. Who among the following is  considered   to be the  custodian    of the  Lok  Sabha?
(a)  The Prime   Minister
(b) The  Leader   of the  Opposition
(c ) The  Chief  whip   of the  ruling   party
(d ) The  Speaker
Ans. d
193. The Speaker of  Lok  Sabha   has  to  address his letter   of resignation     to the
(a)   Prime   Minister   of India
(b)    Deputy   Speaker   of Lok Sabha
(c)   President    of India
(d)   Vice-President     of India
Ans. c
194. The “Fundamental Duties”    of  the   Indian citizen   have  been
(a)   Originally    provided    by the constitution
(b)    Included    in the  constitution    by the 44th amendment
(c) Included    in the constitution by the 42nd Amendment
(d) Inserted   into the constitution    by a judgement  of the Supreme   Court
Ans. c
195. The Presidential Government      operates    on the  principle    of
(a)   Separation    of Powers
(b)    Division   of Labour
(c)   Fusion   of Labour
(d)   Centralisation      of Power
Ans.  a
196. Consider the following    statements:
The Fundamental       duties

  1. Have always   been    part   of the  constitution of India
  2. Have been   added    through    an  amendment
  3. Are apllicable     to all citizens   of India

Which   of these   statements is/are         correct?
(a)   1 and  3
(b)  1 only
(c)   2 only
(d) 2 and  3
Ans. d
197. Indian Constitution reserves  the residuary powers    to
(a)   The  Union
(b)    The  States
(c )   The  Parliament
(d)   The  President
Ans. a
198. The Constitution amendment     bills  are initiated in
(a)   The  Lok  Sabha
(b)    The  Rajya  Sabha
(c ) Either   House
(d ) The  Lok  Sabha  with  the prior   approval of the  State  assemblies
Ans. c
199. The main feature of Presidential    government  is
(a)   Stability
(b ) Irresponsibility
(c)  Checks   and  balances
(d) Rigidity
Ans. a
200. “Programmed Learning” is based on :
(a) Field Theory
(b) Operant Conditioning
(c) Gestalt Learning Theory
(d) Classical Conditioning
Ans. b

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