Higher Education System MCQs (UGC NET paper 1 FREE Updated Notes 2020)

81. Value oriented education develops
(a) cultural values
(b) vocational efficiency
(c) character
(d) all the above
Ans. d
82. The total number of Central Universities in  India as on 29.06.17
(a)   10
(b)   47
(c)   42
(d)   31
Ans. b
83. The total number of Deemed Universities in India upto  December, 2009 is
(a)   130
(b)   99
(c)   69
(d)   97
Ans. a
84. The number of Agricultural Education  Institutes  m India till today  is
(a)   37
(b)   45
(c)  39
(d)  38
Ans. b
85. The number of State Universities in India is
(a)  258
(c)  225
(b)   216
(d)  230
Ans. a
86. In India, total number of Open University is
(a)   14
(b)   24
(c)  6
(d)  20
Ans. a
87. What amount has been provided in the Eleventh Five Year Plan for Education Mission through  ICT?
(a)  Rs. 5000 crore
(b)    Rs. 550 crore
(c)  Rs. 6000 crore
(d)  Rs. 650 crore
Ans. a
88. The Development objective    of  Higher Education  during   Tenth  Five  Year Plan (2002-07) was
(a)  Sustainable  Human  Development
(b)    Relevance in World Context
(c)  Improvements   in Quality  of Teaching
(d)  All the above
Ans. d
89. Which of the following are included in main feature of the UGC Xlth Five Year Plan (2007-12) ?
(a)  Incentives  for resource  mobilization
(b)    Universities   with  potential   for excellence
(c)  Basic facilities for women
(d)  All of the above
Ans. d
90. Which of the following University  will be set up as a Central  University  during  Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-12)?
(a)Indira  Gandhi  National  Tribal University
(b) Hyderabad   University
(c)Patna  University
(d)LN-Mishra University
Ans. a

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