Research Aptitude Free Study Material (UGC NET Updated Notes 2020)

Typing of Report

A. Typing of the report is very important. After writing the manuscript by the researcher it should be typed well. When the whole work will be typed at that time the researcher should take the following steps into account:

(i) Typing sheets must be clean, distinct and legible.

(ii) Strike-over should not be made.

(iii) Typing must be one-sided.

(iv) Headings should be typed in the center.

(v)Paragraphs; quotations and footnotes should be mentioned in appropriate places.

(vi) Ditto marks should not be used.

(vii)An efficient typist should be engaged.

(viii)  After typing the researcher should read it carefully

(ix)    All copies of the report must be legible.

(x)     When the typed report is ready, the researcher should check it carefully and make some corrections if errors are found.

B. The following features of the report should be typed:

(a) Title page

(b) Acknowledgment

(c) Table of contents

(d) List of Tables

(e) List of Figures

(f) Different Chapters

(g) Quotations

(h) Footnotes

(i) Tables

(j) Figures

(k) Bibliography

(l) Appendix

(m) Index

C. After the neat and careful typing of the report the loose sheets will be systematically arranged through page marks and will be given for binding which will be used as books for further reference.

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