Claim & Adjustment letters

Claim & Adjustment letters

Claim Letter

A “Claim or complaint letter” is written to the concerned company,to bring the mistake or damage done,to the notice of the supplier or provider, and to ask for rectification and/or compensation.

Purpose: To express dissatisfaction and propose an equitable adjustments or solution.

A claim letter should generally contain the following four elements:

1. A clear explanation of what has done wrong.Give full information for quick identification of the defective product or faulty service.In the case of a product,details such as the exact date of purchase and arrival,the amount paid,order number,colour,size model number,make,etc. are helpful in making a re-check by the supplier easier.

2. A statement of the inconvenience caused or the loss suffered as a result of the mistake or defect.

3. An appeal to the reader’s sense of fair play,honesty,reputation or professional pride with a view to motivating him to take necessary action promptly to rectify the situation.

4. A statement of what adjustment you would consider fair.


Dear Sir

Thank you for your letter No. TP/324 of 4 April 2016 forwarding Bill No. M 334 dated 4 April 2016.In it you have included two items which we did not purchased.They are:

  Staplers 10 Nos. Rs  650/-

  Paper Rims 1 Doz. Rs 2000/-

It seems there has been some mistake in copying from our personal account maintained by you.Will you please get it checked and send us another bill?I am returning them with your bill no. M 437.According to our calculation only Rs. 615 are due from us.

Yours faithfully,

K. Rajkumar

Office Manager

Adjustment Letter
An ” adjustment letter is a response to a ‘claim letter’.Adjustment letter is letter expressing clear understanding of the issues conveyed by the buyer and providing reasonable solutions to it.
Purpose: To respond to a claim(adjustment) or to respond to a complaint(apology).
An adjustment letter should generally contain the following four elements

  1. Reference to the claim or complaint letter
  2. Whether you agree or disagree with the claim or complaint
  3. What actions you have taken or are going to take .
  4. An apology or comment of good will.

Umesh Sharma
Lifesure Ltd.
Dear Umesh,
This letter is to acknowledge that your statement of August 15,1999 did include a Rs 1654 overcharge.Thank you for calling it to my attention.One of our new billing department employees failed to realize that the current fee structure does not apply to our long valued customers.
A statement showing the corrected amount will be sent.We appreciate you business and hope that we continue to be you choice for quality analytical service.
Yours truly,
Henry Diwakar

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