List of Animal Sounds – English vocabulary


List of Animal Sounds – English vocabulary

The following is a list of sound words that denote animal sounds and bird cries.


Name of Sound

Alligator Bellow, Hiss
Apes Gibber
Bats Screech
Bears Growl
Bees Hum, Buzz
Beetle Drone
Birds Chirrup, Chirp, Twitter, Tweet, Sing, Whistle
Bulls Bellow
Calves Bleat
Camels Grunt
Cats Meow, Mew, Purr, Caterwaul
Cheetah Purr, Bleat, Bark, Growl, Hiss, Chirp
Chickens Cluck, Cackle
Chicks Cheep
Chimpanzees Scream, Chatter
Cobra Hiss, Rattle
Cocks Crow
Cows Moo, Low
Crickets Chirp, Creak
Crows Caw
Cuckoos Cuckoo
Deers Bell
Dogs Bark
Dolphins Click
Donkeys Hee-haw ,Bray
Doves Coo
Ducks Quack
Eagles Scream
Elephants Trumpet, Roar
Flies Buzz, Hum
Foxes Bark, Yelp, Simper
Frog Croak
Geese Cackle, Hiss, Honk
Giraffes Bleat
Goat Bleat, Baa
Grasshopper Chirp, Pitter
Guinea pigs Squeak, Whistle
Hamsters Squeak
Hares Squeak
Hawks Scram
Hens Cackle, Cluck
Hippopotamuses Growl
Hogs Grunt
Horses Neigh, Snort, Whinny, Nicker
Humans Whisper, Whistle, Cry, Scream, Sing, Talk
Hummingbirds Hum
Hyenas Laugh, Scream
Iguanas Snort
Jackals Howl
Jaguar Roar, Growl, Snarl
Kangaroos Chortle
Kittens Mew
Koalas Scream, Bellow, Wail
Lambs Bleat
Leopard Roar, Growl, Snarl
Lions Roar
Monkeys Scream, Chatter
Mosquito Buzz, Whine
Mouse Squeak, Squeal
Nightingales Pipe, Sing, Warble
Ostriches Chirp, Bark, Hiss, Low hum
Owls Hoot, Scream , Screech, Shriek
Oxen Bellow, Low
Parrots Talk, Squawk
Peacocks Scream
Penguin Bleat
Pigs Snort, Grunt, Squeal, Oink
Pigeons Coo
Python Hiss, Rattle
Rabbits Squeak, Drum
Rats Squeak
Rhinoceros Bellow
Rooster Crow
Seals Bark
Sheep Bleat
Snakes Hiss
Squirrels Chatter
Swans Cry, Trumpet, Bugle
Tigers Growl, Roar
Toad Croak
Tortoises Grunt
Turkeys Gobble
Vultures Scream
Wasp Buzz
Whales Sing
Wolves Howl
Yak Low, Moo
Zebras Whinny

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List of Animal Sounds – English vocabulary
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