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After receiving the letter of enquiry from a prospective buyer, the sellers supply the relevant information by writing a letter that is called quotation letter. These letters are written keeping in view the information asked for like price list, mode of payment, discount to be allowed etc. Businessman should reply to the inquiries carefully and promptly.

It is a reply by the seller to the prospective buyer. Hence, the quotation letter should be prepared carefully by the seller. It should contain information on all points mentioned in the inquiry letter.

The seller should send the best possible quotation so that it induces the buyer to place an order because it is the basis on which the interested buyer decides whether to buy or not.

A letter of quotation is any letter written in reference to the price of a service or product. This could range from a customer or client requesting or accepting a quote, to the supplier or service provider sending the quote amount. Either of these letters could be headed as a letter of quotation.

The quotation may contain the following points :-

  • Details about quality of goods offered for sale.
  • Details about quantity of goods offered for sale.
  • Type of quotation.
  • Sale price per unit of the commodity.
  • Term of payment like Cash or Credit, trade discount, cash discount and other allowances if any.
  • Time, mode and place of delivery.
  • Details of duties, Octroi, etc., payable.
  • Details of packing, labelling, insurance, etc.
  • Net price payable.
  • E and O.E. (errors and omissions expected)

Inviting quotations

It is important for a business organisation to invite quotations from several sellers before placing an order.This is done to find out the cheapest and best source of supply of goods required.A great care is necessary in drafting such letter so that right seller can be located as quickly as possible.The Inviting quotations letters should include following points:

  • Describe the need clearly and precisely.Give detailed specifications such as the shape,size,quality,make etc. of the goods you require.For example if you need to buy inverters, give the exact numbers,watt hours,size,guarantee period,shape,make and quality.
  • Request the seller to quote his prices and terms of payment.
  • Ask him for a sample,if necessary.Sometimes the buyer may already be possessing the sample and in the Inviting Quotations,he can specify specify that the sample can be seen from his office before quoting rates.In case,he does not have the sample,he can ask for a sample if required.
  • Give an idea of the quantity you intend to buy.
  • Indicate the time by which you would like the goods to be supplied.this will help the seller determine whether during the periods available he will be able to meet your demand or not.
  • Ask if the goods guaranteed and if so,for what period.Also ask the seller to give an idea of the normal expected like of these goods.
  • Ask what accessories and spares,if any would be supplied and how much they cost.
  • If the goods you are ordering need installation,ask the seller the cost of doing so and also the repair facilities offered by him.For example computers are required to be installed by expert technical persons.In such cases,ask the supplier as to how much he will charge for the same and whether or not there will be repair charges.
  • As the processing of a purchase proposal takes some time,ask the seller to indicate the period for which his quotations will be valid.
  • Independently ask for tax components.In addition to the basic price of the good,there will be few taxes such as Sales tax,Central Tax,VAT etc. which may be paid by the buyers.

Examples of a few opening and closing sentences for the letter

Opening Sentences

  • Please quote you lowest rate for the following items.
  • We should be grateful if grateful if you would kindly inform us of the terms and conditions for the supply if….
  • May we request you to let us have lowest rates for the following items which we require in April?
  • Please let us know your lowest rates as early as possible for the supply of….
  • We intend to buy the following items next month for our new branch in…I should be grateful if you would kindly quote your lowest rate for them.

Closing Sentences

  • We look forward to hearing from you soon.If your quotations is suitable,we shall be happy to busy all our requirements this session from you.
  • On hearing from you,we shall place a firm order with you.
  • We look forward to placing an order with you.
  • As we need these goods urgently,we shall be grateful for an early reply.
  • We hope the terms and conditions you quote will be satisfactory.We shall of course be happy to order all our requirements from you.


ABC Paper Mill,


Sub: Inviting Quotation for Paper Rims

Respected Sir,

We intend to purchase large stocks of printing papers of A4 size,required for our printing press, in large numbers,due to recent orders.We invite you to send your most competitive quotations for the same.

If you prices and terms are favourable,and your goods are of good quality and high standard,we shall consider giving a five year contract for the supply of paper rims.

Please send the quotation and carriage paid,within a week.


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely


Sending Quotations

The supplier sends his offer after he receives the Inviting Quotations Letter.The response to the inviting quotations should be carefully drafted and should fully take  note of each item in the enquiry.It should be properly drafted because any mistake in rates or conditions can put the supplier to disadvantage.Following points should be kept in mind while drafting this letter:

  • Mode and terms of Payment
  • Place and time of delivery
  • Method of transport
  • Charges on account of sales tax,freight and insurance.
  • Packing and forwarding charges.

For example:

To M/s Deepak Consultants

49,Defence Colony

New Delhi

Sub:Regarding Quotations for Various items.

Ref: Your No. DP/1002/FC/01 dated 15/01/07

Dear Sir

With reference to your letter cited above,please find below the quotations for the various items.We hope that you will these rates reasonable and place order with us.

Item detail                                      Rate Exsite

Letter heads                                   Rs. 10 per paper

Company brochures                     Rs. 15 per Brochure

Company calenders                      Rs. 130 per calendar

Bill books                                        Rs 150 per book


  • Packing charges are included in the above rates.
  • The rates are inclusive of all taxes.
  • Pay ment in full to be released within 15 days of the receipt of the material.

In case of any further information,please do not hesitate to write us.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

(P.K Gupta)

Sales Manager


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