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Sometimes the textbooks you read go overhead, you don’t understand your teacher, your exams are approaching and you do not have time to read those bulky books, this is where Simplynotes help you with. Simplynotes.in is the one stop that will try to solve all your problems related to exams, assignments, project and confusing school work. We are team of experts from diverse background with the vision to provide students with easy to understand study material.
Our Aim
Our only aim is to be useful to students, teachers and entrance exam aspirants and help them in their preparation by providing the best information at one place.
Our Mission
Knowledge & learning is a never ending process and access to it is a basic human right. Our mission is to provide free and easy to understand study material to students for smooth and stress free learning experience.
Different sections under Simplynote.in

  • E notes on management engineering and medical science.
  • Competitive exams notification
  • Entrance exam study material
  • Previous year question paper.
  • Vocab builder
  • Sample project reports
  • PPt presentation

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