Teaching Aptitude MCQs/Teaching Aptitude Questions UGC NET Updated

46.All of the following are the characteristic features of an effective teacher except

(a) emphasizing group discussion for the purpose of clarifying the objectives

(b) emphasis upon standard

(c)  emphasis upon the quick control of the problematic situation

(d)   differential treatment meted out to stu¬dents of his class

Ans (d)

47.In our present society, where values are deteriorating, the excellent education will be


(a) enables one to earn in an easy manner

(b) exaggerates the competition in the society.

(c) works for re-establishment of human and cultural values.

(d) deaccelerates the social-change in the society.

Ans (c)

 48.While teaching in the class one of your students pointed out sharply your mistakes.

What will you do in such a condition ?

(a) You leave the class for the day.

(b) You scold the child and angrily resist him.

(c) You feel sorry for committing a blunder.

(d) You will not show any emotion.

Ans (c )

49. A teacher of high caste is biased with the low caste’s students. What advice you would like to give to the teacher ?

(a)  Rebuke him for narrow thinking.

(b)  His attitude is all right.

(c)  Threat him against the constitutional provisions.

(d)  He should not behave against the na¬tional spirit and need of the hour.

Ans (d)

50. One of your colleagues is living in your locality but you have no affinity with him, the reason may be

(a)  his selfishness

(b)  his religious faith

(c)  his social rejection

(d)  his miserable behaviour and rural back¬ground.

Ans (a)



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Teaching Aptitude MCQs/Teaching Aptitude Questions UGC NET Updated

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