UGC/CBSE Net Paper 1 Study Material

Teaching Aptitude MCQs/Teaching Aptitude Questions UGC NET Updated

Teaching Aptitude MCQs/ Practice Questions UGC NET Paper 1 Free Notes   Now a days teaching aptitude has become more important to get a teacher appointment in any school/college /university. Teaching Aptitude Questions are asked in following entrance exams: 1. B. Ed Entrance Exam 2. Teachers Eligibility Test 3. UGC NET Exams 4. Primary Teacher’s […]

ICT Glossary – Some Important Terms Related To ICT

Some Important Terms Related To ICT     Some Important Terms and Abbreviations/ ICT Glossary A 1. ABEND (Abnormal End) When an application program ends earlier then expected due to some unforeseen error-often something which the programmer had not considered. 2. ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) A device which converts analog information to digital. 3. […]

People and Environment (MCQs/ Practice Question) UGC NET Paper 1

  MCQs on People and Environment (UGC NET Paper 1)     People and Environment MCQs 1. The part of the earth and its atmosphere in which organisms live is the : (a) Biosphere (b) Biomass (c) Biota (d) Biome Ans. a 2.Which of the following conceptual sphere of the environment has the least storage capacity […]

Communication Models – Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Communication Models – Types, Advantages and Disadvantages Communication Models  are conceptual  models used to explain the human communication process. In this section, you will learn about three models of communication: I. Linear model II. Interactive model III. Transactional model I. Linear Model of Communication It is a simple one way communication model. The message flows […]

What is Teaching? Concept of Teaching

Concept of Teaching Topics Covered Teaching : Nature, objectives, characteristics,basic requirements,  Methods of Teaching and Teaching Aids   Concept of Teaching It is realized on all hands that education is important not only for the preservation and transmission of culture but is also an important instrument in all spheres – Social, Economic, Political and Vocational. […]

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