Corel Draw For Mac – Finally !!! Much needed Keyboard Shortcuts.

Corel Draw – A powerful vector designing software and much needed keyboard shortcuts.

I’ve been a user of Corel Draw (Windows) for above 10 years now, ever since I started my design & print service business back in year 2o10. Corel Draw is a powerful vector design software which really helped me starting my design business. I used Corel Draw for first 2 years by abusing its trial version. You know installing it, using it for 15 days and then formatting the computer and then again installing Corel Draw and using it for yet another 15 days and so on. In year 2013 I finally understand that this reformatting thing is taking too much time and in some cased my clients last minute design requirement is badly effected and then I purchased the Corel Draw for 55,000/- ($1000 approx. – year 2014 conversion).

From last 5 years I have been using both windows and mac computers. Windows for work and mac to admire the Apple quality since Corel Draw was not available for Mac until now.

Now when Corel Draw is finally here for Mac computers. I’ve installed it into my iMac and its interface is VERY DIFFERENT from the windows version, unlike MS Office suite whose interface is almost similar to windows interface which makes to easy to switch between Mac and Windows machine. WHY COREL??

The first thing which i noticed was all the shortcut keys are different in Mac version of Corel Draw. So I went to internet to find “Corel Draw for Mac keyboard shortcuts” and didn’t find any post where I can find them. After digging deep in official Corel website and jumping between pdfs, I finally found them. So this post!

Thank me later, here you go.






Direct link to the pdf file :

I will give it a try before transferring all my editing and designing to Mac. What you guys think. Please share your though. Will you switch to mac and start using Corel Draw Mac Software?


Corel Draw For Mac – Finally !!! Much needed Keyboard Shortcuts.

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