International marketing Environment

  •  Local domestic laws. These are all different! The only way to find a route through the legal maze in overseas markets is to use experts on the separate legal systems and laws pertaining in each market targeted
  •  International law. There are a number of international laws that can affect the organisation’s activity. Some are international laws covering piracy and hijacking, others are more international conventions and agreements and cover items such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Trade Organisation (WTO) treaties, patents and trademarks legislation and harmonization of legal systems within regional economic groupings, e.g. the European Union.
  •  Domestic laws in the home country. The organisation’s domestic (home market) legal system is important for two reasons. First, there are often export controls which limit the free export of certain goods and services to particular marketplaces, and second, there is the duty of the organisation to act and abide by its national laws in all its activities, whether domestic or international.
International marketing Environment

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