Procedure/Steps involved in Work Study

Procedure/Steps involved in Work Study

The basic procedure of work study is as follows:

  • Select the job or process to be suited.
  • Record from direct observation everything that happens in order to obtain data for analysis.
  • Examine the recorded facts critically and challenge everything that is done,considering in turn:the purpose of activity,the place where it is
  • Performed,the sequence in which the elements are performed,the person who is doing it,the means by which it is done.
  • Develop the most economic methods,taking into account all the circumstances.
  • Measure the amount of work involved in the method used and calculate a “standard time” for doing it.
  • Define the new method and the related time
  • Install the new method and time as agreed standard practices.
  • Maintain the new standard practice by proper control procedures.

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Procedure/Steps involved in Work Study

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