Women Entrepreneurs-Problems and Measures for Development (How to develop Women Entrepreneurs)

How to Develop Women Entrepreneurs?


Measures for Development of Women Entrepreneurs


Right efforts on all areas are required in the development of women entrepreneurs and their greater participation in the entrepreneurial activities.  Following efforts can be taken into account for effective development of women entrepreneurs.

  1. Consider women as specific target group for all developmental programmes.
  2. Better educational facilities and schemes should be extended to women folk from government part.
  3. Adequate training programmes on management skills to be provided to women community.
  4. Encourage women’s participation in decision-making.
  5. Vocational training to be extended to women community that enables them to understand the production process and production management.
  6. Skill development to be done in women’s polytechnics and industrial training institutes. Skills are put to work in training-cum-production workshops.
  7. Training on professional competence and leadership skill to be extended to women entrepreneurs.
  8. Training and counselling on a large scale of existing women entrepreneurs to remove psychological causes like lack of self-confidence and fear of success.
  9. Counselling through the aid of committed NGOs, psychologists, managerial experts and technical personnel should be provided to existing and emerging women entrepreneurs.
  10. Continuous monitoring and improvement of training programmes.
  11. Activities in which women are trained should focus on their marketability and profitability.
  12. Making provision of marketing and sales assistance from government part.
  13. To encourage more passive women entrepreneurs the Women training programmes should be organized that taught to recognize her own psychological needs and express them.
  14. State finance corporations and financing institutions should permit by statute to extend purely trade related finance to women entrepreneurs.
  15. Women’s development corporations have to gain access to open-ended financing.
  16. The financial institutions should provide more working capital assistance both for small scale venture and large scale ventures.
  17. Making provision of micro credit system and enterprise credit system to the women entrepreneurs at local level.
  18. Repeated gender sensitization programmes should be held to train financiers to treat women with dignity and respect as persons in their own right.
  19. Infrastructure, in the form of industrial plots and sheds, to set up industries is to be provided by state run agencies.
  20. Industrial estates could also provide marketing outlets for the display and sale of products made by women.
  21. A Women Entrepreneur’s Guidance Cell set up to handle the various problems of women entrepreneurs all over the state.
  22. District Industries Centers and Single Window Agencies should make use of assisting women in their trade and business guidance.
  23. Programmes for encouraging entrepreneurship among women are to be extended at local level.
  24. Training in entrepreneurial attitudes should start at the high school level through well-designed courses, which build confidence through behavioural games.
  25. More governmental schemes to motivate women entrepreneurs to engage in small scale and large-scale business ventures.
  26. Involvement of Non Governmental Organizations in women entrepreneurial training programmes and counselling.


Women Entrepreneurs-Problems and Measures for Development (How to develop Women Entrepreneurs)

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