Phases of EDPs

 Phases of EDP


It is said that an economy is an effect for which entrepreneurship is a cause. Entrepreneurship development has, therefore, become a matter of great concern in all developed and developing countries all over the world. But the real problem is how to develop entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship development programme(EDP) are deemed to offer the solution of this problem.

EDP pass through following three stages:Phase_of_EDP_001

I. Initial or Pre-training phase

II. Training or Development phase

III. Post training or follow-up phase

I. Pre-Training

Pre-training phase consists of all activities and preparation to launch training programme. Pre-training phase of EDP consists of the following activities :

1.Designing course-curriculum for training

It is essential for any EDP that whatever material for study or training is designed should fulfil the needs or purpose of the EDP.The main objectives to be kept in mind while designing the course curriculum are as follows:

a) To provide knowledge and information regarding entrepreneurship, role of entrepreneur in economic development and available facilities regarding establishment of enterprise to perspective entrepreneurs.

b) To provide motivation training to the prospective entrepreneurs in order to develop right approach and behaviour towards business.

c) To provide and arrange for necessary course material important for management and technical information.

d) To collect and provide information regarding various agencies engaged in providing assistance to entrepreneurs to establish and run the enterprises.

e) To provide various project reports so that they can study and analyse the feasibility of various projects with regard to marketing,technical and financial aspects.

f) Arranging plant visits so that they may become familiar with real life situations.This will help in inculcating the right behaviour and thoughts and in developing a strong personality.

2. Selection of faculty

The success of an EDP depends upon able or well qualified experienced faculty or resource persons.Thus selection of the proper faculty is an important part of pre-training phase.For this teacher from various universities,professional institutes, banks,research and development fields are invited.

3. Advertisement

Next important task is giving advertisement for EDP to be conducted. So that maximum number of candidates can participate.Advertisement can be given in local newspaper,educational institutes or employment exchange.

4. Selection of potential or perspective Entrepreneurs

For the success an EDP it is essential that only those participants take part who really have qualities to be potential entrepreneurs.The selection of prospective entrepreneurs can be made on following basis:

i. On the basis of information available from application form.

ii. On the basis of written examination to check the aptitude.

iii. On the basis of personal interview of the candidate.

Phases of EDPs

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