Phases of EDPs

II. Training phase

The main objective of this phase is to bring desirable change in the behaviour of the trainees. The purpose of training is to develop ‘need for achievement’ i.e. motivation among the trainees. Accordingly, a trainer should see the following changes in the behaviour of trainees:

  • Is he or she attitudinally tuned very much towards his or her proposed project idea?
  • Is the trainee motivated to plunge into entrepreneurial career and beer risks involved in it?
  • How should he or she behave like an entrepreneur?
  • What kinds of entrepreneurial traits the trainee lacks the most?
  • Does the trainees possess the required skill in selecting the viable project, mobilizing the required resources at the right time?

There are number of methods to provide Training:

1.Lecture method

In this method the instructor directly communicates with the participant with regard to theory and practice tobe followed.The advantage of this method is that queries or doubts in the mind of candidates are clearedon the spot.

2. Written instructions method

Under this method written material is provided to the participants for their use.All important factors or elements required for setting up and running an enterprise are provided in written form.

3. Demonstration or practical method

For better understanding of the candidates everything related to entrepreneurship is aught by demonstrations.Every minute detail is explained by giving demonstrations for the practical performance of the work.

4. Conferences

Under conference method,experts in various fields are invited to share their ideas with the participants.The aim is to provide knowledge to trainees for improving their effectiveness.

5. Meetings

Meetings provide opportunities to candidates to discuss various problems faced by them.They discuss exchange ideas on various issues at firm conclusion

6. Individual training

Under these circumstances where one person is to be given information or knowledge on a particular aspect,then individual training is imparted.

7.Group training

This method of training is best suited where group of individuals has to do similar type of work and where similar type of instructions are to be given to all of them.

 III. Post-training phase

The ultimate objective of the entrepreneurship development programme is to prepare the participants to start their enterprise. The success of the  EDP  can be judged from the objectives it has achieved,that is how many participants actually started their own enterprise after getting training. This phase involves assessment to judge how far the objectives of the program have been achieved. This is called Follow-up. In follow up following three things come:

  • Was the programme conducted as per plans?
  • If not what were the deviations, loopholes in the plan?
  • Taking Corrective action to improve the weaknesses after identifying them?


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Phases of EDPs

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