Teaching Aptitude Free Study Notes (UGC NET Paper 1 -Updated Notes 2020)

Nature and Characteristics of Teaching

Nature of teaching may be described as

  • Dynamic, Social and Humane – Teaching is not a fundamental concept because it is greatly influenced by social and human factors which are dynamic in themselves.
  • Both, Art and Science – Teaching is both art and science. It calls for exercise of talent and creativity making it an art and involving repertoire of techniques, procedures and skills which can be studied systematically, described and improved making it science.
  • Diverse in Application –  In application, teaching is of diverse nature. It may have various forms as formal, informal, directional, instructional, formational, training, conditioning, in­doctrination, talking, showing, doing, remedial, etc.

Characteristics of teaching may be described as

  • A system of actions. Teaching is a system of actions varied in form and related with content and pupil behaviour under the prevailing physical and social conditions.
  • A professional activity. It is a professional activity involving teacher and student with a view to the development of students’ personality. Professionalism helps students in being regular and making harmony with their objects towards those they are concentrated.
  • Subjected to analysis and assessment. Teaching can be analysed and assessed and analysis and assessment provide a feedback for further improvement.
  • An interactive process. Teaching is highly dominated by the communication skill. Teaching is an interactive process carried with purpose and objectives.
  • A specialized task. It is a specialized task and may be taken as a set of skills for realization of certain objectives.
  • A collection of various modes. Teaching is a collection of various modes of itself. It is a broader term. Terms like conditioning, training, instruction, indoctrination denote a kind of teaching. They are a part of teaching but not a synonym with teaching. These are various modes of teaching contributing towards teaching.

Basic Requirements of Teaching

Basic requirements of teaching are

1.All the three variables of teaching


3.Suitable environment

4.Teacher-student relationship

5.Student’s discipline

6.Teacher’s devotion to teaching, and also on the other hand, student’s devotion to learning.

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