ICT Glossary – Some Important Terms Related To ICT


1. ULSI (Ultra Large    Scale   Integration )

Integration   of about ten million  electronic  components  on a single chip.

2. UVEPROM (Ultra   Violet  EPROM)

An EPROM  chip in which  stored  information  is erased  by exposing  the chip for some time to ultraviolet  light.                             .

3. Unbundled

Application   software  priced  separately   from hardware.

4. Unconditional branch    statement

A  branch   statement that  causes  alteration   in sequential  flow  of execution   of a program     without    any    condition    test    (such    as   go to statement).

5. Unconditional transfer

A   program    instruction    that causes program  control to flow out of normal sequence unconditionally.

6. Unicode

A  universal   character-encoding     standard   used for   representation    of  text   for   computer   processing.    It provides   a  unique  number  for  every  character,   no matter what  the platform,   no matter  what the program,  no matter what  the  language.   It has  the capacity  to encode  as many as a million  characters.

7. URL (Uniform Resource     Locator)

An   addressing scheme   used  by  WWW  browsers   to  locate  sites  on  the Internet.

8. UPS (Uninterrupted Power     Supply)

A   battery- supported   power  unit  between   an  external   power  source and  a computer   system.  It supplies  clean  and  continuous power  even during  power  failures.

9. Universal gate

A  logic  gate  that  is alone  sufficient   to implement   any  Boolean   function.     For  example,   NAND and NOR gates.

10. UPC (Universal Product Code)

A   universal    or standardized    optical   bar  code  that  normally   appears   on retail packages,  and is read by a laser beam scanner.

11. UDT (User Defined Data  Type)

A composite  data  type whose     composition      is    not     included     in     language specification.    A  programmer    declares    it  in  a  program where  it is used.

12. USB (Universal Serial Bus)

It is used for connecting peripherals to PC (upto 127) off of a single port with the devices in a daisy chain.



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2. VLSI (Very Large   Scale   Integration)

An  electronic circuit  with about  10,000 transistors  fabricated   on a single silicon  chip.

3. VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminals)

Smaller disk antennas   having   lower  power  transmitters   and  receivers, which  can  be  installed  at users  sites.    It enables  a  large number  of users to benefit  from satellite  communication.

4. Volatile storage

A storage  medium  that loses its contents when power fails, or when power  is switched  off.

5. VAN (Value Added Network)

Some companies specialize in providing value added data transmission service. Value added over and above the standard services of common carriers may include electronic mail, data encryption/decryption, access to commercial databases and code conversion for communication between incompatible computer. These companies normally take dedicated lines of a common carrier on long term lease, do value addition to enhance communication facilities and then sell the enhanced service to users. This type of service is known as value added network service.

6. Veronica

Veronica is a tool to find information on a Gopher site via specified keywords supplied by the user. Veronica actually stands for very easy rodent oriented net wide index to computerized archives.

7. VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association )

It is responsible for graphics and local bus standards.

8. VGA (Visual Graphics array video adaptor)

It was introduced by IBM in 1987. A VGA monitor can display 640 X 480 pixels using 16 different colours or 320X200 pixels using 256 colours. These colours. These colours can be chosen from a table of upto 262,144 colours.

ICT Glossary – Some Important Terms Related To ICT

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