Higher Education System MCQs (UGC NET paper 1 FREE Updated Notes 2020)

151. Which of the following exercises power  to promulgate   ordinances  during  the recess of
The Legislative?
(a)   Chief Minister
(b)   Governor
(c )  Speaker
(d)  Deputy  Speaker
Ans. b
152. The Contingency Fund of the State is placed under the-
(a) Secretory,Finance Dept.
(b)    Slate Legislature
(c)  Speaker
(d)  Chief Minister
Ans. a
153. The size of the Council of Ministers of a State
(a)  Is fixed by the governor in accordance with the High Courts advice
(b)    Is decided by the Chief Minister
(c)   Is fixed by the Constitution (91st Amendment )  Act, 2003
(d)   Is dependent   on the total strength  of the assembly
Ans. c
154. Which one of the following ,cannot be dis- solved but can be abolished any time?
(a) State Legislative  Councils
(b) State Legislative Assemblies
(c)  Rajya  Sabha
(d)  Lok Sabha
Ans. a
155. The Election Commission of a state can be removed from office
(a)  Only by the Governor
(b) In the same  manner  and  on the same grounds as a judge of the Supreme Court
(c)  Only by the President  on the advice of the Chief Justice of the concerned  State
(d)  In the same  manner  as the Vice-President of  India
Ans. b
156. Parliamentary Supremacy is a definite feature of the political  system in
(a)  UK
(b)   India
(c)  Canada
(d)  Australia
Ans. a
157. Cabinet government is based  on
(a)  Separation  of legislature  and executive
(b)    Fusion of legislature,  executive  and judiciary
(c ) Fusion of legislature  and executive
(d)  None of the above
Ans. c
158. When a State Government fails to comply with the directions of the Centre in the exercise of administrative   power
(a)  The Governor  may be directed  by the President  to dismiss  the ministry
(b)    The  President   can  declare  a national emergency   and  convert   the  federal structure  into a unitary  one
(c)  A Constitutional   emergency  can be declared in the State and the President  can assume  all the powers  of the State  Government
(d)  The Supreme  Court may be asked to intervene
Ans. c
159. ………………………………is the popuIar  House of State Legislature.
(a)  Legislative Assembly
(b)  Legislative  Council
(c)  Legislative  Sabha
(d)  Zila Council
Ans. a
160. Which one of the following is wrong?
(a)    It is the duty of the Chief Minister to keep the Governor  informed  of all the decisions of the Cabinet
(b)    The Governor  has the Power to ask for  any information from the Chief Minister regarding the administration  of the State
(c ) The Governor   is the  real  head  of the State administration
(d)  As an agent of the Central Government the  Governor   may  have  to act some- times independently  of the advice of the Council of Ministers.
Ans. c

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