Higher Education System MCQs (UGC NET paper 1 FREE Updated Notes 2020)

  1. Consider the following:

(i) Emergency Provisions
(ii) Fundamental Duties
(iii) Office of President and Governor
(iv) Council of Ministers
(v) Suspension of Fundamental Rights during Emergency
Which of the above features are inherited from the Government of India Act, 1935?
(a) Only (ii) and (iv)
(b) Only (i) and (iii)
(c) Only (i), (iii), and (v)
(d) (0, (ii), (iii), (iv), and (v)
Ans b

  1. There has been distribution of subjects in three lists on which the Centre and the state can make- laws. In which schedule are these lists included?

(a) Second
(b) Fifth
(c) Seventh
(d) Ninth
Ans. c

  1. If a vacancy occurs in the office of the President and there is time for elections, then who will assume the charge of Office?

(a) Vice-President
(b) Attorney General of India
(c) Chief Justice of India
(d) Senior most judge of the Supreme court
Ans. a

  1. Which part of the Constitution is known as ‘Magna Carta of India’?

(a) Part XI – Relation between the Centre and State
(b) Part XX – Constitution Amendment
(c)  Part III -Fundamental Rights
(d) Part V – Government at Union Level
Ans. c

  1. Which of the following implies ‘to forbid’?

(a)  Mandamus
(b)  Certiorari
(c)   Habeas Corpus
(d)  Prohibition
Ans. d

  1. Which of the following is a feature of India as per our Constitution?

(i) Socialist
(ii) Democratic
(iii) Communist
(iv) Secular
(v) Authoritarian
(a) Only (i), (ii), and (v)
(b) Only (i) and (ii)
(c) Only (ii) and (iv)
(d) Only (i), (ii), and (iv)
Ans. d

  1. Which of the following feature was borrowed from Australian constitution?

(a) Republic
(b) Fundamental Duties
(c) Concurrent List
(d) All of the above
Ans. c

  1. ………….. languages have been recognized in the ………… schedule of the Indian constitution.

(a) 25, 110th
(b) 22 ,8th
(c) 22,4th
(d) 25,11th
Ans. b

  1. Which of the following implies ‘we command’?

(a) Mmdunus
(b) Certiorari
(c) HabeasCorpus
(d) Prohibttion
Ans. a

  1. In to how many parts is the Indian constitution divided?

(a) 25
(b) 12
(c) 18
(d) 20
Ans. a

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