Higher Education System MCQs (UGC NET paper 1 FREE Updated Notes 2020)

11. Education and  population    are  related  as follows
(a) Expansion    of education    leads  to developing   trends  of small size family among  educated  males  and  females
(b)  Expansion    of education    can  control growth-rate   of population
(c)  Expansion  of education  makes population more qualitative.
(d)  All the above
Ans. d
12. Individual  differences   in  democracy   are encouraged   because
(a)  of the guarantee  of all kinds of freedom as a right provided  by the constitution
(b)   in the long run individuals  will act and think  alike
(c)  they make  diverse  beneficial  contributions to a common  cause
(d)  political  leaders  want  to achieve  their selfish  ends.
Ans.  c
13. Which categories  of the following  women appear  in greater  proportion   in profession of nursing?
(a)  Christian
(b)    Hindu
(c)  Muslim
(d)  No pattern  is reported
Ans. a
14. From the point of view of population control through family planning  there  should  be
(a)  more  literacy  of males than  females
(b)    more literacy  of women  than  men
(c)  eradicntion  of illiteracy  of the old men
(d)  emphasis   on expansion   of education
Ans. b
15. For raising the educational standards of the university
(a)  students   opting   for higher  education should    be  selected    on  the  basis   of intellectual   tests
(b)  occupational  and  industrial   development is essential with higher education
(c)  state policy should  be effective
(d)  “a” and “b”
Ans. d
16. Which one of the following is an important occupation of educated  women?
(a)  teaching
(b)  medicine
(c)  nursing
(d)  all of these
Ans d
17. For reducing expenditure     on  technical education
(a)  technical     educational      institutions should  start  to take donations;
(b)   it is necessary   to reduce  expenses  o~ instruments   and equipments   of technical education    ,
(c) it  is necessary   to provide   apprenticeship  training   through   companies
(d)  it is necessary  to reduce  the number  of technical  educational   institution.
Ans. c
18. The higher education is still dominated   by
(a)  Mother-tongue
(b)  English
(c)  Hindi
(d)  All of these
Ans. b
19. According to whom “Educational Psychology is the Science of Education” ?
(a) Skinner
(b) Crow and Crow
(c) Peel
(d) Pillsburg
Ans. c
20. The new education policy envisages  major modifications in the system of education.  It is implied  that:
(a) Present    education     system   is not consistent  with national  objectives and needs
(b)   Present   education   system   requires  a great  change
(c)  Present  education  system  is outdated
(d)  a and  b
Ans . d

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